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Authentic Cuban Restaurant & Bar
Daily Specials

TAPAS TUESDAY: Get 1/2 off 2nd tapas

WINE DOWN WEDNESDAY: Get a 1/2 carafe with purchase of two entrees

THIRSTY THURSDAY: 2 for 1 Sangria (Glass)

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Restaurant Story
La Yuma Restaurant is a comfortable, inviting restaurant designed to make our customers feel as if they are enjoying VIP services in a world all to themselves. The decor and theme is based on the journey to freedom that Cubans took to reach the United States, which they referred to as La Yuma. The energy and atmosphere of the restaurant is high, and draws some of its power from the stories of Diaz family’s own stories. By offering an exciting, tantalizing and rewarding experience for its customers, La Yuma Restaurant and its service oriented approach will be immediately embraced by those that love dining out!
Please feel free to look over our menus or come into the restuarant for our daily specials  
Premium Service
Premium Drinks
When you spend time relaxing at our Patio Bar, you can experience all the best features of La Yuma: Authentic Cuban cuisine, tasty Caribbean cocktails, and excellent service
La Yuma's restaurant ambiance will provide unique and inviting experience to customers while they enjoy a quality meal.
Chef recommendations
  1. Cuban Sandwich
    Cuban Sandwich
    Cuban Sandwich
  2. Completa Grande
    Completa Grande
    Completa Grande
  3. Seafood Combination
    Seafood Combination
    Seafood Combination